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Looking for an Engineering Consultant in Niagara Falls? Modern construction and reconstruction of buildings require the presence of not only a well-designed project but also the relevant documents, which will be prepared by an experienced staff having 30 years experience in our company.

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We as Rusit & Associates Ltd.provide engineering services at a professional level. Years of experience in the field of engineering and technical support of projects can significantly accelerate the process, taking into account the existing nuances.

After all, as you know, every construction project is exclusive, and in order to obtain a building permit, the help of a qualified specialist is needed. We have a legal opportunity to perform the functions of a customer at the facilities of the 3rd and 4th classes. Rusit & Associates is Niagara Region’s leading civil engineering firm.

Engineering is an activity associated with the creation and reconstruction of objects. This type of activity requires a serious approach and compliance with the law. The services of an engineer may also be needed if there is a redevelopment of the house, its modernization. We will help you:

obtain permission from the city executive committee to develop design estimates for capital repairs, modernization or reconstruction, as well as permission to carry out construction work;

to collect the initial data for the design (technical specifications for the engineering support of the object, a refined survey of the terrain with engineering networks, and so on);

order the development of a project for the reconstruction of design and estimate documentation;
to undergo project expertise (if necessary);

obtain (if necessary) permission from the State Committee on Supervision for the preparatory, and then the main period;

carry out construction work and upon completion enter the facility into operation;
get a technical passport and register ownership.

If you contact us, the project construction, reconstruction of the house will be made in accordance with the current law. Individual approach to each of the clients is guaranteed.

Our services as an engineering consultant firm
Consultation on construction
You are planning to develop a project for a country house, to build a residential house or to renovate an existing cottage, and you need qualified specialist help, then contact our representatives
Unauthorized construction
Under the unauthorized construction refers to the type of activity in the field of construction or reconstruction of real estate, carried out on the unauthorized busy site without the necessary documentation, as well as on the site used not for its intended purpose. If you need to legalize the unauthorized construction, you can contact the company, which employs experienced professionals.
Upon completion of construction work, reconstruction, a major overhaul of a dwelling house, a separate room, a building, a special commission is appointed, conducting a detailed inspection for compliance with the rules, as well as high-quality work in the planned scope. The result is a commissioning report.
Registration of the object in operation
There is real estate on your land plot, which is exploited, but the rights to it are not registered, then contact our specialists. We will prepare all the necessary documentation to carry out the registration of the object in the manner prescribed by law.
The conclusion of the apartment from the housing stock
Opening a new store, pharmacy, office, hair salon on the site of a residential house or apartment requires the availability of relevant documents, which will help experienced lawyers of our organization, who know all the nuances.
New construction
The house is the key to comfort and harmony, a place where you feel comfortable and calm. In order to build a house, it is necessary not only to have a well-developed project but also to agree with the relevant authorities, register property in the prescribed manner.

Permission to conduct design and survey and construction work
The organization of construction work requires a professional approach, the availability of permits obtained in the relevant authorities. This process is quite long, so it is better to immediately contact an experienced lawyer.
ALL THE ADVANTAGES OF OUR ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY Entrepreneurs who come to us can count on a rigorous and professional engineering consultancy service, carried out by a team of specialists with a long experience in the construction sector and in the main industrial sectors (chemical, transport, logistics, etc.).

We work throughout Canada ensuring know-how in accounting, legislative and fiscal matters, aware of the peculiarities of one region over another and of the same province in relation to the municipalities that insist on the territory.

Our focus on contractual deadlines and bureaucratic commitments is for the customer the best guarantee of work in a workmanlike manner, without unnecessary waste of resources and loss of precious time. A job tailored to your business needs!

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