We are a municipal engineering consulting company that has built a strong reputation for delivering a quality service, on time, and at a competitive price. We pride ourselves on being skilled and experienced in all aspects of design/construction of subdivisions, commercial, institutional and industrial developments




Rusit and Associates is a leading municipal engineering firm located in Niagara Falls. We’ve been in business for over 20 years, and during this time, we’ve built a solid reputation for delivering top-notch, glitch free engineering services. Unlike many other companies in our domain, we offer timely services at a competitive price. So, if you’re looking for engineering Niagara Falls, we are your best bet!

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Our team prides themselves in being skilled and highly experienced in every aspect of design and construction. So, whether it is a commercial, subdivision based, industrial or institutional development project- we will readily handle it, offering you just the kind of solutions you look forward to. We are completely committed to offering innovative and excellent results for both the contractors and the end-users. Due to this reason, we take our role extremely seriously, thereby ensuring that our goals are holistically met.

We aren’t just your regular builder; we are your construction partners who are incredibly passionate about their role and about making their projects successful. We take immense pride in being your ultimate solution providers. Over the last couple of years, we’ve handled a wide range of projects as per the requirements of a variety of clientele. So, from the relatively smaller private development projects to the bigger subdivision ones- we’ve handled it all. Owing to our flexible and highly unique project management systems, we also ensure that you receive a positive outcome regardless of your project’s size or nature.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services tailored to our individual clientele. Here’s what you need to know:

Stormwater Management Design

At Rusit and Associates, we take immense pride in delivering the best range of Stormwater Management Design services. Since we understand the importance of sustainable stormwater elements to be a major part of the site design, we meticulously work on it, delivering the best results. We have worked with both clients and regulators to come up with highly practical and sustainable drainage units that aren’t just functional but are also completely sustainable. Since each of our products also meet the regulatory criteria, you can also count on us in this department. Over the last couple of years, we have developed storm water sewer units for new projects and constructions. Our engineers also come with the necessary expertise in crafting regional stormwater basins that are used for managing watersheds. Additionally, they have also assisted municipals clients in planning and implementing the right design principles.

Municipal Engineering In Niagara Falls

Our team offers exceptional municipal engineering services, thereby ensuring that the quality of life is improved for one and all. We have worked as a part of the maintenance team for public parks, developed and rolled out waste disposal systems, implemented water supply units as well as water treatment plants. We have a team of highly professional engineers who are looking to go above and beyond their specified responsibilities to ensure that you’re provided with the very best systems. Whether it’s the design or the implementation- we ace at both, thereby ensuring that you’re provided with the best range of services.

Land Development Services

Rusit and Associates are also known for offering the best land development services. During a part of the land assessment, our professional engineering team will review the whole site to check if it is actually feasible for the impending development. This will also include a complete analysis of the environmental impact of using the land, and its eventual effect on the surrounding community and people. We make it a point to check and analyze all the survey documents, check for any impending environment conflict, assess the suitability of soil, and ensure the utility availability and constraints of the site that might inadvertently affect its appropriateness for the development. Our services are quick, affordable and they encompass every relevant aspect of your business.

Project Management

When it comes to project management, you will not find a company as reliable as Rusit and Associates. With our excellent project management systems, we will ensure that every aspect of your project is handled and successfully implemented. From managing urban planning, stormwater design, wastewater system monitoring- we handle a wide range of aspects, thereby ensuring that you receive nothing less than the best. Do note that we are responsible to clients both from the public and private sector. So, whether your deadline is stringent, or budget is a constraint, you can always get in touch with us. Our team of highly qualified designers will truly live up to your expectations with their insights and expertise.

Civil Engineering

Rusit and Associates’ civil engineering Niagara Falls team is entirely focused on providing the entire spectrum of site design, making things simpler four private, public, municipal and commercial clients. We are highly committed in offering the best design services within the budget and schedule constraints of your project. Our designs are both functional and highly constructible. Additionally, if you have some specific requirements, our team will go above and beyond to meet it. At the end of the day, we are highly focused on providing designs that meet the diverse and unique requirements of our clients. While doing this, we also make it a point to maximize sustainability and minimize the potential impact on the environment. From site analysis, design, project management, cost estimation, construction administration, and feasibility studies- we specifically ensure that every aspect of your requirement is addressed and met by our team of engineers.

Bottom Line

So, if you’re looking for quick, affordable and the best civil engineering in Niagara falls, our team is an excellent option. We will readily address your requirements, thereby coming up with a plan and design that meets and fits your requirements. Since our services are also incredibly affordable, you can also count on us in terms of cost. We have been in business for the last few years, and owing to our experience and expertise, we can handle any and every project according to your diverse tastes and requirements. Since our clients have been completely satisfied with us, you can always vouch for our services.